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About : Sheri Garba

SHERI GARBA with BRIJRAJ GADHVI | Navratri 2023 | About_Us_SVG
Celebrating Navaratri in Ahmedabad!

Welcome to SheriGarba

Sherigarba is your Navaratri destination in Ahmedabad, where tradition meets extravagance. Founded by Kuntal Patel and Jaymit Shah, we've been celebrating Navaratri for three years, and Navaratri 2023 promises to be the best one yet.

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What Sets Us Apart

Our events are a burst of color and culture. We take pride in our traditional clothing, extraordinary decorations, and mesmerizing lighting, making us the best Garba in Ahmedabad. Celebrities from the urban Gujarati movie industry can't resist the charm we bring to this festive season.

Brijraj Gadhvi 2 - Sheri Garba, Ahmedabad
Folk Singer | Lok Sahityakar(A speaker of folk literature)

Meet Our Star

Brijraj Gadhvi is our lead singer, adds soul to our celebrations with his melodious voice. He's the heart of our musical journey.

Our Mission

In this fast-paced world, we're here to provide Amdavadis with a taste of tradition. We're grounded in our roots, and our mission is to transport you back to tradition during Navaratri.

Celebrate Navaratri 2023 with us at Sherigarba. We're the best Garba in Ahmedabad, offering an experience that cherishes your love for Garba and traditional celebrations. Join us for unforgettable moments!

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Our Dedicated Team

The OG Mandli is the heartbeat of Sherigarba. They work tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring every aspect of our event runs smoothly. Their love for Garba is infectious.

Celebrating the OG रीति रिवाज
Sheri Garba

શેરી ગરબા- Celebrating the OG रीति रिवाज
Brijraj Gadhvi & Team with the OG મંડળી

SHERI GARBA with BRIJRAJ GADHVI | Navratri 2023 | About_Us_SVG

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